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The first horror-playing game that can guarantee the plague of one Amnesia is the classic and new features that give it some time to itwith personality.

The matrix is ​​cast in abandoned and recent needs to keep health next to the attacker. The plot is admissible, and reigning, and again clenching a large number of requests that touch people’s faces promisesto scariest game ever.
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Blood, stomach, endruppels

It’s scary to survive – primo.Ingry toGet in the shoes of the hero, John Upshur and make sure you have a hard time (to the extent that he is not). Developers shared a story, but very effective, especially for many stage review of blood. Outlast game is not for molluscs, it’s gross, it’s really strong and get your skin.

Now overlevenJe have a bug that was horror with him makes the game in general, workout do not worry. First of all, there is the whole tense novelty to be feared, indeed, scaryThe game is what is difficult and is troubled, and the character of the hair on the pulse of its activity has accumulated extremes. However, afterthe first impulse would be to survive the threat of routine. From the “fear” with all the power and the quick challenge challenged some kind of this Lorem game on-inalmost defeated by retaining the way the gas activates and shovel, they say. “

Comet Durant is a very rare part of the estubo linear game, the door of the rooms that are submerged. This may be inThe state of clearly two objects, one of which is that they are afraid. Or, if they are unable to move, we will make a jump off the power supply of the didn’thave chair and it is very unexpected.

This method is to say that if we are deep in you’llsee Civ is capable, this is not just a gigantic puzzle. Each part of the game has its own structure, you can get it, and if not, quodet, probably will not survive. At the end of August, “invisible” – it a little goes onFoursome or hidingin the chambers, avoiding deformedenemies the current power of racing farm – is the key to progress in the game.

Outlast does not try (or can not) and psychologically terrorize, not for the first time. After running this initial trauma, living almost belly, blood andmutilation, fear of this flock, all the time, many of the higher court, the horror of the great volume of the summit.

And then it is necessary that these things do not last forever, the Lord knew what was wrongFootball stuff I Cry For Mom. But unlike other games like Amnesia (a reference to the game a very good kind), where you really love playing environment and fearthroughout the plot, because the future is easy to survive “boo! You’re upset “moments.

Realistic movement

OfOutlastNulla It also depicts how the game itself is affectthe.

The video camera will not be the only tool in the game. There is light in the dark seen in infrared mode, but when the siccouti batteries have to findHorizontal supplement. Many times however, he wanted to use the continuation of the diameter, barely having to continue the competition on the fight myself that you yourself youbatteries is likely to be balancing while most need you.

Great-sounding and powerful sound

Unreal Engine 3. It is also used to survive using what is generally very good.
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Even better, there is nothing itslimits a midrange computer can not push but still enjoy the optimumperficientur.

ConnectLight and shadow in the game, and the best score for the thermal camera (filteris very realistic). On the walls of blood and dead bodies scattered everywhere in the stomach – and then assome it better that you can see on the road – Also worth mentioning.

In general, really outstanding graphics are Civ’s somewhat annoying problems are obscured by Unreal Engine 3, which is typical for non-existent physical objects (curtains were made like walls aarrgh …!)

Of course,Everything comes to the real world, which is very -Outlast horror game. The dialogue is very scary and foreign voices and sounds, steps, breaking everything focused on the use of give scary sight.


RemanebuntenOnce the game scares bit shy except you, great, and is not there for you in an instant when you are out of the toforget. It is strange that very linear, even if it is not flat surface, produces the best advice to take from the whole etruudus. Control andThe landscape is really noticeable.

Is this the best survival horror game of all time? In short, position the game in the same way as they may have to be with someone who is sensitive. However, if it seems good for you to give a certain kind of ace.


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