RecBoot 1.3 fast-dl Torrent Download

RecBoot 1.3 fast-dl Torrent Download

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RecBoot 1.3

Do you have problems with iPhones? Do not worry, most of the time there is a solution: Recovery or Recovery Mode. So far, you can only access the key combination, but RecBoot is easier and with just one click.

Very convenient on iOS

Recovery mode is a solution to many problemsWith iOS, so it can help you restore your device when the update comes with an iPhone’s “kill” error.

Usually, you on the combination of buttons are the common people to play to work on the iPhone. Sometimes it is not possible, especially if the home button is damaged on the iPhone. Recboot can get into recoveryWithout pressing the keys.

RecBootin enables the recovery mode with three simple steps: Make your iPhone with your computer using a USB cable, run the program, and click OK recoveri mode. When you no longer musiszUser this mode, click Exit Recover Mode andIPhone will return to normal.

We use it in specific circumstances

Repair afDit is designed for advanced users who want to do certain actions on the iPhoneie. If you are not sure what this regime is, we do not recommend using it as an activate goes to the heart of the operating systemIPhone system.

Also, RecBoot should be taken into account. For now, it only works with a 32-bit operating system. If your 64-bit is, the program will not work for you. They hope they will be corrected for future application updates.

No matter, RecBoot needs a version of iTunes or olderVersion i. .NET Framework.

Save life on the iPhone

RecBoot can restore your iPhone after it is completed due to failed software updates, and can also recover data from your phone, which you lostMislałes. This is very useful, as long as you know the IOS Recovery mode.

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