AdiIRC 2.4 fast-dl x64 x86 download

AdiIRC 2.4 fast-dl x64 x86 download

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AdiIRC 2.4

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If you decide to communicate via IRC, you need this specialized customer, now it’s enough, but in this article I want to tell you about AdiIRC. This client comes with servers and supports work with plugins, which they can extend significantly the default function. After downloading and quick installation, launch the program for you, a window will appear with detailed information about the connection to the server,You can leave everything as it is, and you can change your nickname, choose one of nalichniteSarvariAn a connection port.

Keep in mind that the AdiIRC program can not only communicate with users on this server, but can also share files with the DDC support protocol. If you want, you can immediately open multiple servers and then switch them as a switch between tabs in the browser. The client has a large number of communication servers, you can add themif you want that.

If you are already familiar with this type of program, it’s all and will not be a problem. You can forward the automated channel to configure client if there is communication gap, you can set other sound event alerts.

I find that AdiIRC program best known among their colleagues, but that means nothing, believe me, settings and all the chips enough here so I can preporachamrabotata with IRC, at least, it can only be experienced and now all their ownVyvody.So built-in server does not have to search for them, you immediately start talking, and you can add your own, I have already written about above, if you want, Just decided to remember.

By the way, I forgot to writeNo afraid of screenshots, I know they are in English, in fact, Russia’s support, but find it not so easy to do, go to the settings, click in it Main Service Icon Icon is required to select General tab -InThe bottom right corner allows you to change the language after restarting the program and this is much better than the success!

How do you install:

The instruction is included inside

The question you’ve found, suggestions or just say “Hello”, write him

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